ABOUT EDpediaEdit

EDpedia is the "pedia" that I created to hold all of the information I know: D Initially just for fun, but my friends liked the information from EDpedia and I was interested to share it with others that even I do not know

EDpedia name comes from my name: Erick Daud + Pedia = EDpedia (ED = initials of my name :p)EDpedia contains various information, tips & tricks that are interesting, unique facts and many more

EDpedia made ​​on 13-07-2011.

I made this wikia because my friend named JAISON (Petra 1 JHS - 8.3 - Indonesia) , motivate me :D. This wiki is adopted and published on 17-08-2011 (the date when my country, Indonesia, celebrate its 66th birthday) This page on the wiki is still a bit but I'll try to keep updating a lot of information, tips, tricks and other facts

I hope EDpedia useful for you: D

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